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KELTRON On-line Certification Program
Technology Stream:  
Hardware and Network Engineering  
Instrumentation and Automation Engineering  
Need of KELTRON Certification Programmes
It is a known fact that a large no of students are emerging from private institutions after learning the IT engineering subjects, without obtaining the authorized certification in this field. Several job seeking youths are denying the jobs in Automation & Network Engineering field due to non availability of a recognized professional certification. The unhappy truth is that, the working people in this field even though they possess excellent competency are not able to occupy higher positions in their career only because of they lack an authentic and credible certification. If KELTRON consider this with adequate seriousness many those who are stumbled on their way to higher positions will be able to go forth.
The skill level and educational attainment of the workforce determines the productivity as well as the ability to adapt to the changing industrial environment. A majority of Indian workforce does not possess marketable skills which is an impediment in getting decent employment and improving their economic condition. While India has large young population, only 5% of the Indian labour force in the age group of 20-24 years has obtained vocational skills through formal means whereas the percentage in industrialized countries varies between 60% and 96%.
The educational entry requirements and long duration of courses of the formal training system are some of the impediments for a person of low educational attainment to acquire skills for his livelihood.
The main objective of the scheme is to provide employable skills to existing workers, ITI graduates, etc. Existing skills of the persons can also be tested and certified under this scheme.
In order to address the unemployable youth in KERALA, it is suggested that we may consider of conducting professional trade test in Network Engineering and Automation field at KELTRON REC by charging an affordable exam fee, as per the norms of KELTRON.
The working people and students those who possess these certificates can enjoy better positions in their career with out any discrimination. Since KELTRON is the most reputed and accepted industrial organization in India , the acceptance of the above suggestion will be extremely helpful for job seeking youths in INDIA .
Benefits of KELTRON certification:

As the most respected electronics, automation, instrumentation manufacturing company and the total IT network solution provider for Govt. of Kerala, the KELTRON certification program offers a number of valuable benefits to KELTRON Certified Professionals (KCP) including:


Build your expertise and advance your career.


By earning a KELTRON Certification, you gain advanced, market-relevant skills that employers recognize and respect as well as opportunities to connect with a global community of other certified professionals.


KELTRON Certification helps you effectively manage your career and market your skills to thousands of employers nationwide who recognize the value of KELTRON Certification.


Additionally certification provides you with the access to exclusive KELTRON KCP member web site and you can easily create KELTRON certification custom logos that draw attention to your expertise and mastery of IT Technologies and add them to your resume, business cards, email signature. Pick your format and downloads on demands for your own logo library.


Validation of knowledge and skills


Information Technology, Automation Industry, your employer, clients and peers will recognize your KCP credentials as validation of the knowledge and skills you have gained through experience.


A firm foundation of skills : Preparation for certification requires that you cover all the aspects of the technology you are studying. The rigorous exam development process includes extensive job task analysis, reviews by internal and external technology experts to ensure the relevancy and accuracy of each certification.


Promotional opportunities : Becoming certified will show you have the tenacity and confidence to fulfill opportunities at your current work place.

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