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Why a finishing school?


Our education unfortunately is not suitable to meet the fast growing demands in the industry. The finishing school is aimed to keep the students industry-ready. In India, around 20% of the management graduates secure jobs. The rest of all are not successful in interviews. Most of the candidates are technically qualified, but in order to pass the interview, a lot of soft skills and industry oriented knowledge are also required. Finishing school will uplift the total career of students in order to get a suitable job according to their qualification.

Advantage of Finishing school

At finishing school candidates get valuable soft skills that will enhance their careers and skills in attending interviews.

  Industry orientation class
  Mock interviews
  Preparation of CVs
  Develop positive mental attitude.
  Develop a Better Memory.
  Develop your Observation Skills.
  Develop better body language
  Make better First Impressions.
  Have better Grooming Skills.
  Learn the Art of Conversation.
  Master correct social mannerisms.
  Know Your Purpose In Life.
  Set Your Priorities right.
  Manage your Time effectively.
  Set your Goals in Life accurately.
  Harness your Mind Power.
  Tap into your Subconscious Mind.
  Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone.
  Understand Your Personality.
  Learn to make Sound Decisions.
  Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.
  Learn to Motivate Yourself.
  Learn to Listen better.




"KELTRON Certified GREEN-EMPLOYEE" is a knowledge and skill based contact workshop program will carry a Certification from KELTRON.
  This program develops both the skills and knowledge that would help the IT professionals to work and present their information effectively in the organization.
  KELTRON Certified GREEN-EMPLOYEE training focuses to bridge gaps while recruiting personal and to eliminate cost of bad recruitment using some of the best recruitment practices consistently.
  Understand the role of non interview techniques like group exercises, role plays, and psychometric tools in evaluating best candidates.
  Understand the steps followed in an effective recruitment process.

Not only is it a great entry-level moral booster when preparing for further educational and career moves, it will always put ahead of your non-certified competitors in the job market. Possessing the KELTRON Certified GREEN-EMPLOYEE certification did however lead to having a great advantage over other non-certified persons who had applied for the position.


KELTRON Certified GREEN-EMPLOYEE is an exam consisting of four modules:

  1. Technical (subject) level (written) Details
  2. Technical (project) level (practical) Details
  3. Presentation skill and personality development & Interview techniques Details
  4. Effective communications Skill (written) Details

The exam is graded as Pass / Fail. To receive a passing grade, 70% of your answers must be correct in EACH of the modules .

This is a 2-hour exam, held in the KELTRON REC Campus. There is no limit as to how many times you can take KELTRON Certified GREEN-EMPLOYEE exam; however, there is a 25/- fee for every attempt. If you do not pass KELTRON Certified GREEN-EMPLOYEE exam and decide to retake it, you will need to take ALL modules, regardless of whether you passed any individual modules in prior exams.

Once you successfully passed KELTRON Certified GREEN-EMPLOYEE exam, your photos and other details are registered in a official web portal www.keltronrec.com .and your bio-data and your exclusive VIDEO RESUME will be automatically stored in our web space so that different companies can easily select and absorb you as the right candidate. The candidate will get a free access to their account and can update the profile and video resumes.


Benefits of KELTRON Certified GREEN-EMPLOYEE Certification holders

  1. it's not merely an academic exam, but it gives u confidence as how to attend an interview, presentation skill, more over it shows off your distinctive personality, creativity, and initiative

KELTRON Certified GREEN-EMPLOYEE Exam is an exam conducted by KELTRON REC Placements, and successfully passed students will be registered in the KELTRON REC Web Portal. KELTRON GREEN-EMPLOYEE Exam are accredited by the companies who registered in KELTRON REC official web portal named www.keltronrec.org under recruiting company list


KELTRON Certified GREEN-EMPLOYEE Exam passed students will get a video resume kit so that u can simply submit your bio data and your other details using neoteric technologies




Video resumes


Job applicants can submit video resumes.

  Concept : Instead of putting your experience and talents on paper, you present them on video. You put the video on the Web and email the link to employers.  
  1. It turns your resume into an interview.  
  2. It's easier than an interview, because you don't have to face a human being.  
  3. It shows off your distinctive personality, creativity, and initiative.  
  4. You'd better make one, because soon everyone will have one.  
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